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Mrs Fennell

Mrs Fennell




Name: Mrs Fennell

In five words: Shy, like food too much

Most prized possession? My own cat, my grandchildren and daughters

Favourite biscuit? Bourbon

Top film? Grease

Favourite song? Everlasting love – Love Affair

Best book? (children’s) one by Enid Blyton

What is your guilty secret? Eat too many crisps

Interests: TV, Films, watching live sport, going for walks

Favourite place you have visited? Longleat Safari Park

The best thing about working in a school is… Seeing the children’s they grow

At school I was… very quiet, didn’t enjoy secondary school

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s… always talk things through

Tell us your best joke – What is Postman Pat’s name when he isn’t working? Pat

Something not a lot of people know about me is… I will stick up for myself when I have to

The celebrity I’d most like to have as a teacher at my school is…  Gino D'Acampo

If I didn’t work in a school, I would be… something to do with animals

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