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We are proud to be an ECO school, understanding the importance of caring for the environment. The children are upset and outraged that poorly hedgehogs were found on our playing field. They have decided to play their part in hedgehog preservation. They would like to say thank you to the hedgehog sanctuary that came to help and rescued these native creatures by fundraising.
Mrs Taylor baked sweet iced buns in the shape of the loveable creatures and Mrs Vickers dressed up as Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, a favourite character from the famous Beatrix Potter's books, to raise awareness of this event. We raised £103.44  for the Hitchin Hedgehog Sanctuary who treat injured or sick hedgehogs as well as educate people on hedgehog preservation. The children have been researching, making posters explaining how to help wild life in the garden and posted them in our neighbour’s letter boxes.




mondrian nursery




With our exciting new building project underway we are all waiting with anticipation to see what the finished building is going to look like. Mrs Dhorajiwala said she wanted our building to ‘stand out, be colourful and match our vibrant school’ and set us a challenge.

We have, as a whole school, been looking at and studying the artist Piet Mondrian and have been discovering different ways to emulate his work. In Nursery we experimented using lots of different techniques to try and capture some Mondrian style learning. We have been doing some collaging with lots of different colour materials to try and recreate his style. Then we did some painting using bright bold colours as well. We also used coloured blocks aswell and we are planning to use some clay soon too!


Storytelling blog. Nursery.

As part of the whole school project Woolenwick Nursery embarked upon a story telling journey earlier this year. In Nursery we realised the importance of giving our very young children as much exposure to quality core books and stories and as much repetition of these stories as possible so that they would build a valuable bank of story ideas and begin to understand the way that stories are structured. We used cross-curricular learning to embed these stories and revisited them throughout the year. Some key texts we focused on included the most well-known traditional tales such as The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, amongst others.  The adults in nursery allowed time during group work and during own learning time to model to the children good listening skills and also constantly drip feeding the essential story telling language. We have been amazed with the progress in our Nursery children’s vocabulary and confidence in their own ability to tell a story- whether it be one they have become familiar with or one they have made up on their own. We used aspects of both the inside and the outside environments to tell these stories and then focused on their mark making to aid early writing skills. Come and take a look at our display of wonderful stories as told and written by the children.

As the school year draws to a close and the children move onto the next chapter in their little lives I can only hope that we have fuelled our children’s imaginations enough to ignite a passion for storytelling to spark a flame that will last a life time.


Nursery Blog Spring 1

Hatching Chickens Project

The nursery children have had the wonderful experience of observing first hand chickens hatching.  This opportunity created such excitement and wonder about the natural world evoking lots of scientific thinking and questioning. The children learnt about the tiring job the chicken has to get out of the egg and how it uses its beak to break the shell and then its whole body to slowly push out of the shell. The children observed how tired and small the chickens looked when they were first hatched. The children displayed care and concern for the chickens as they quietly observed them not touching their enclosure so as not to scare them.  Over the next few days the chickens grew quite rapidly and the children were able to discuss the changes they had observed. Early into our second week of the project many of the chickens had begun to grow small feathers around their wings. The chickens were soon big enough to hold and the children were excited to do so again being gentle and showing care and concern for living creatures.

Yinka Shonibare Exhibition


After an inspirational visit to a Yinka Shonibare exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in September 2013 Miss Collier was keen to embed some creativity into the Nursery classroom as the new Nursery children began their early days at school. The Nursery children had a look at some of Yinka Shonibare’s work that had been exhibited at the park which address some of the issues in society today, framing them with a historical context. The children were encouraged to talk about the parts they liked and what they could see. They then read the book You Choose by Nick Sharratt and Pippa Goodhart, again encouraging the dialogue that is so important to empowering the children’s voice. Once they had been reminded them of the key parts that make up stories the children then had access to collage material and pictures from the You Choose book to choose from to then stick onto a CD and create their own ‘story planet’. They were encouraged to think about the materials and pictures they were choosing to stick onto their ‘story planet’ in the same way an author would think carefully about the characters and story setting in a book. The story language that came out of the activity was lovely to hear from such young children and the children’s natural creativity was captured in these lovely pieces of work which are displayed in the Nursery classroom.