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Mr Robinson


Name: Mr Robinson

In five words: Happy, relaxed, enthusiastic, out-going, calm

Most prized possession? My signed photograph of me and Ian Mckellen (aka Gandalf himself)

Favourite biscuit? BN BN

Top film? The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Favourite song? Rebel Rebel, David Bowie

Best book? (children’s) The Hobbit

What is your guilty secret? Eating ridiculous amounts of cookie dough ice-cream in one go ...lovely

Interests: Football (big Hull City fan), films and playing my guitar and ukulele

Favourite place you have visited? Thailand

If I won the lottery I would … buy an Aston Martin and pretend to be James Bond

The best thing about being a teacher is … having awesome conversations with the children

At school I was … the shy one

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s … to never take anything too seriously

Tell us your best joke: Why couldn't the bear eat any more? ...because he was stuffed

The celebrity I’d most like to have as a teacher at my school is … Yoda

If I wasn’t a teacher, I would be … pretty lost