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Mrs Bond

Describe yourself in five words; Caring, honest, happy, perfectionist, conscientious

Most prized possession; My family, friends and my memories.

Favourite biscuit – Fox’s white chocolate shortcake round

Top Film – It still has to be ET. I remember going to the cinema with my family when it was released and I cried a lot. I was only 4 and a half!

Favourite Song – Too many to choose from.

Best Book – A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens – my year 4 teacher read it to us by candle light on the run up to Christmas and it was magical.

What is your guilty secret? I am a pick and mix addict…

Favourite place you have visited? I love the Isle of Wight. The Whitsunday Islands were beautiful.

If I won the lottery I would… Buy a house by the sea with an amazing view, travel the world and help my family and friends.

The best thing about being a teacher is – No two days are the same and it’s never boring when you’re surrounded by 30 growing personalities.

At school I was – Hard working, sporty, a bit giggly, fairly self-conscious. I had lots of good friends (who are still very much part of my life) and happy – I loved school.

If I’ve learned one thing it’s… To worry less about what other people think – life’s too short and worrying about nonsense wastes it away.

Tell us your best joke – What’s yellow and white and travels at 100 mph? A train diver’s egg sandwich :-)

Something not a lot of people know about me is .. I can still do a mean cartwheel (it just hurts a bit more now than it used to)

If I wasn’t a teacher I would be... Probably a midwife or PA (very different!)
My interests – Family afternoons in watching films, days out, nights out, reading, decorating our home, shopping, eating, exercise, visiting new places.