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MEET OUR STAFF: Miss Fletcher



 In five words: I only need three ..  Small, quirky and smiley


Most prized possession? A bracelet I got from my Nan


Favourite biscuit? Jammie Dodger


 Top film? Scott Pilgrim VS The World


Favourite song?  Mardy Bum by Arctic Monkeys


Best book? Looking For Alaska by John Green


What is your guilty secret? I still watch cartoons!


Interests: Film, photography and art  


Favourite place you have visited? Disneyland Florida


If I won the lottery I would.. buy a house and save the rest  


The best thing about being at Woolenwick is … the conversations I have with the children


At school I was … very quiet


If I’ve learned one thing, it’s … to not worry about what people think  


Tell us your best joke What did the Ox say to his son before leaving for school? ... Bi son


Something not a lot of people know about me is ... I really like music videos for songs and would like to make my own


The celebrity I’d most like to have as a teacher at my school is... Jim Carrey  


If I wasn’t at Woolenwick, I would be … a photographe