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Mrs Chamberlain


In five words: Happy, patient, friendly, helpful, fun-loving
Most prized possession? My Aunt’s ring that she gave me for my 18th birthday.
Favourite biscuit? Medley
Top film? Beaches
Favourite song? Wind beneath my wings – Bette Midler
Best book? (children’s) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl
What is your guilty secret? When my children were little I secretly ate some of their Easter eggs and told them it was our cat.
Interests: Cooking, music, films and history.
Favourite place you have visited? Crete
If I won the lottery I would … Share it with my family and friends and then buy a big house to live in by the sea.
The best thing about being a teacher is … Children can always make you smile.
At school I was … On the netball and maths quiz teams.

If I’ve learned one thing, it’s … Life is unpredictable

Tell us your best joke What goes black, white, black, white?
A penguin rolling down a hill.

Something not a lot of people know about me is … When I was 8, I wanted to be an archaeologist.

The celebrity I’d most like to have as a teacher at my school is … Johnny Depp

If I wasn’t a teacher, I would be …  A Chef