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We are proud to be an ECO school, understanding the importance of caring for the environment. The children are upset and outraged that poorly hedgehogs were found on our playing field. They have decided to play their part in hedgehog preservation. They would like to say thank you to the hedgehog sanctuary that came to help and rescued these native creatures by fundraising.
Mrs Taylor baked sweet iced buns in the shape of the loveable creatures and Mrs Vickers dressed up as Mrs Tiggy-Winkle, a favourite character from the famous Beatrix Potter's books, to raise awareness of this event. We raised £103.44  for the Hitchin Hedgehog Sanctuary who treat injured or sick hedgehogs as well as educate people on hedgehog preservation. The children have been researching, making posters explaining how to help wild life in the garden and posted them in our neighbour’s letter boxes





World Book Day






We ended last week by celebrating World Book Day and the importance of reading. Well done to the children and staff for taking part in Book Swap and for all the wonderful World Book Day costumes! There were some amazingly creative costumes on show!

It is 150 years since the birth of Beatrix Potter, one of the world’s best-loved children’s authors, who has captured our imagination for over 100 years with her beautifully illustrated Tales.


Our theme this year was ‘The World of Beatrix Potter’


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Toy Story

Toy Story

What an exciting start to our term! Our topic is ‘A Toy Story’. We started our topic by bringing in our favourite toys into school. Something magical then happened to them! In the evening, when we were at home, our toys suddenly came alive and got up to lots of mischief! Have a look at some of the photos to see what they are doing!

Following this exciting news, we wrote our own stories to describe our toy’s adventure in school.


We drew portraits of our favourite toys using watercolours. We were so proud of our learning that we invited our parents in for an exhibition so that we could showcase our learning. They were very impressed with our creations!


This week, we have been proud to participate in the Big School Birdwatch. We completed a carousel of exciting bird related activities, including making our own binoculars, making a Robbie Robin, a flying albatross, feeding the birds and completing a survey of how many birds we could see in our school playground!



With our exciting new building project underway we are all waiting with anticipation to see what the finished building is going to look like. Mrs Dhorajiwala said she wanted our building to ‘stand out, be colourful and match our vibrant school’ and set us a challenge.

We have, as a whole school, been looking at and studying the artist Piet Mondrian and have been discovering different ways to emulate his work. In Year 1 we have been linking our Mondrian work in with a great story. We have read the Elmer book and compared his colours to Mondrian’s style. We used those to make our own colourful Elmer’s using lots of different coloured materials. We then went on to doing Mondrian style cd cases using sharpie pens. They are hanging up outside our classroom so come and have a look!



If You Go Down To The Woods

Year 1
Our Topic: If You Go Down To The Woods
Our starting point: Firstly, we went for a walk in the spinney. We used four of our five our senses to express how we felt about the woods. Finally, we put our ideas into a ‘If you go down to the woods’ poster. Then we created our ‘Wonderful Woodlands’ scene in the atelier using natural resources.



Expanding our knowledge: Jane Glyn, our Forest School practitioner then came into Year one and showed the children how to use beeswax crayons with special paper to do bark rubbings. We then learnt different techniques on how to use charcoal to make our interpretations of trees. Jane really inspired us to use our imagination!

Designing our ideas: We then learnt about nocturnal animals and wrote our very own nocturnal animal stories! Some of our settings were in an owl’s tree! We were very proud of our stories and made nocturnal animals out of clay to add to our ‘Wonderful Woodlands’.



Creating our final piece: Using inspiration from Jane, we continued our outdoor learning for our topic when learning about minibeasts. Firstly, we went on a minibeast hunt which was great fun! We then learnt about the body parts of a minibeast. We created our own strange minibeast made up of three different minibeasts. After designing these, we went outside to collect resources to make our minibeast, for example, using leaves as wings.


Concluding our Topic: Jane visited with Danyah Miller to celebrate our fantastic learning. Danyah told us one of her amazing stories and Jane then showed us how to make little fairies and imps to add to our woodland!




Finally, we wrote our own minibeast adventure stories!
We are so proud of all the hard work we have put into our wonderful learning!