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We believe education is a partnership between home and school and our parents and carers are actively involved in all aspects of school life.


Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision. We understand you want your child to receive the best possible start to their education within a safe and secure environment, giving your child a firm foundation for the start of their learning journey. At Woolenwick, new skills are learned, minds opened, imaginations sparked, discoveries made, potential nurtured and challenges are faced confidently. We provide everyday, real experiences that inspire children’s thinking, making learning memorable.


Your child’s happiness is of extreme importance to us. We know that children learn best when they feel happy and secure and because of this we place great emphasis on developing your child's self-confidence and self-esteem. We are committed to supporting emotional wellbeing and robust mental health, offering woodwork, yoga, mindfulness and an Arts-rich education to all children. We are committed to equity for all. 


Our bespoke curriculum references the pre-schools and Nurseries of Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy. Woolenwick’s pedagogy stands on the shoulders of educational philosophers Loris Malaguzzi and Friedrich Froebel. 

Opportunities to develop life-long learning dispositions are woven through our practice. Our children become familiar with Building Learning Power (Guy Claxton), developing life-long learning dispositions (being resourceful, being resilient, taking risks, building relationships, being reflective), as well as developing an understanding that mastery of any skill takes practise (the Power of Yet, Carol Dweck).


The Key Principles of our Pedagogy:


  • Democracy and the importance of pupil voice
  • Educators as Co-Learners and Researchers to facilitate deeper thinking
  • Parents as Learning Partners
  • Environment as the third teacher in a child’s learning
  • Documentation and making learning visible
  • Reflection

Supported by educationalists and artists in residence in an appropriate discipline, our projects are led by the questions and curiosities of our children, where their thoughts are taken seriously; where they are encouraged to build on their discoveries and enquiries by exploring alongside skilled educators.


We believe that education is about developing each child’s potential through an enjoyable enquiry-based learning approach which builds on their natural curiosity and interests. Throughout their learning journey, your child will grow into a confident, happy and independent child, able to communicate effectively, achieve successfully and respect the diverse communities that make up our world. 


In an ever-changing world, we believe in developing young children as creative learners, giving them skills and knowledge, but most importantly, giving them the enthusiasm and confidence in order that they can develop a love for learning that lasts, a desire to pursue learning for the rest of their lives.


By attending our accredited Green Flag ECO school, your child will develop a range of skills and knowledge that will enable them to recognise the contribution and responsibility they have to developing a sustainable world.


We believe that learning doesn’t just happen inside. That is why our school grounds provide as many exciting and stimulating learning opportunities as our classrooms do!


Our outdoor learning resource includes visits to our allotment. Children learn about the rhythm of the seasons as they plan, plant, nurture and harvest fruit and vegetables for the school kitchen. Weekly Forest School sessions in our on-site forest area support children to develop their knowledge, understanding and respect of the natural world. 


Your child is encouraged to give their best and to develop their own interests and talents.


Whether learning through play, through our exciting programme of enrichment or through the creative curriculum, your child will be guided every step of their learning journey by our dedicated and highly experienced team. 


Come and visit our happy and vibrant school and see for yourself what we can offer your child.

I hope you enjoy browsing our website, helping you find out about life at Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School.


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