At Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School we provide an environment where we are:

Learning, Growing, Achieving Together


Mission Statement:


We are a welcoming and inclusive school. We promote a growth mindset and equip our children with the knowledge, skills and confidence to be independent learners, to persevere when faced with challenge and take pride in their achievements.


Our Vision:
Our vision is of a vibrant and successful school that sits at the heart of our diverse community. High expectations for all will support everyone to reach their potential.


Aims of School


We aim to:


  • Create a safe, purposeful learning environment where everyone can flourish and develop their individuality
  • Provide excellence in teaching and learning
  • Enable children and adults to acquire knowledge, understanding, skills, dispositions and attitudes to be enthusiastic, independent learners
  • Never stop learning and are open minded to continual development in an ever-changing world
  • Help everyone to develop confidence, high self-esteem, self-discipline and positive moral values
  • Encourage children and adults to value themselves, others and their environment, respecting each other’s differences and ways of life, for them to work and play co-operatively, be safe and develop healthy lifestyles
  • Provide opportunities for children to voice and influence decision making as global citizens with an understanding of their rights and responsibilities within the wider world
  • Develop successful partnerships with our families and the wider community including fostering links with other schools, early years providers and the Local Authority
  • Develop our role as strategic partners with the Chiltern Teaching School Hub and other organisations such as the Hertfordshire Cultural Education Partnership, the University of Hertfordshire, and the Royal Opera House Bridge


Building children’s Learning Power (BLP)

We are committed to ‘building children’s learning power’; not just what they are learning, but more importantly, learning how to learn by helping children become better independent learners.
Opportunities to develop life-long learning dispositions are woven through our practice.
Our children become familiar with Building Learning Power (Guy Claxton), developing life-long dispositions and attitudes, as well as developing an understanding that mastery of any skill takes practise.
We develop children’s confidence to ‘have a go’ at challenges and understand that achieving success requires effort, practice and perseverance and that making mistakes is an essential part of the learning process.

Not “I can’t do it”, but instead “I can’t do it YET!”

By focusing on five learning dispositions, we aim to develop independent, enthusiastic, confident, life-long learners. We call these:


✓ Resilience
✓ Resourceful
✓ Reflective
✓ Relationships
✓ Risk

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