On November 29, 2022
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Some parents have suggested in keeping with the school ‘ECO’ policy could there be an option for children to send one Christmas card with all their friends’ names written in rather than 60 individual cards. And so if your child would like to support our ECO policy we will create a display of these cards in the dining area.


However, the Christmas post box will open as usual for those children who want to send individual cards to their friends and adults in school as ‘writing cards’ often encourages those reluctant writers to have a go at writing. And also children look forward to being the ‘postie’ sorting and delivering the cards.


The children in each class will enjoy taking turns to sort and deliver Christmas cards. To make things run smoothly, if children are using the box please could they write the name, the initial in the last name and class the child is in on the envelope.

For example, Tom R  Y2

Thank you

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