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Who are we and what do we do?


Woolenwick School/Eco Council is led by Mrs Anderson and made up of pupils from across the school.


Staff members are Ms Dhorajiwala and Mrs Anderson


We meet to discuss school Eco issues and plan future Eco events.


All Eco Council members contribute their thoughts and ideas in our meetings. Information and important events are reported back to classes in class assemblies.


Recently we have audited energy use and we are currently looking at ways in which energy can be saved.

Across the school we aim for a sustainable school and all pupils are aware of our school Eco Code.


Our Eco Promise:


Save Water
Lights Off
Look after animals
Don’t Drive


Our School Councillors:


Sophie (Year 2 Birch Class) 

Charlie (Year 2 Birch Class)
Paige (Year 2 Elder Class)
Evelyn (Year 2 Elder Class)

Keren (Year 1 Hazel Class)
Fabian (Year 1 Hazel Class)
Edward (Year 1 Maple Class)
Niamh (Year 1 Maple Class)

William (Reception Ash Class)
Mila (Reception Ash Class)
Aurelia (Reception Oak Class)
Isaac (Reception Oak Class)

Our Global Goal Ambassadors:


Kiren (Year 2 Birch Class)
Frankie (Year 2 Elder Class)

Alex (Year 1 Hazel Class)
Edith (Year 1 Maple Class)

Sahasra (Reception Ash Class)
Duaa (Reception Oak Class)





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