School Prospectus



Woolenwick Infant and Nursery School is a Community School opened in 1976 and is located in a residential area in Stevenage. It serves the Old Town and Symonds Green communities.


The school symbol, an acorn, is featured within the mural in the entrance to the school exemplifying the saying, ‘tall oaks from little acorns grow.’ 


The school has undergone a period of alteration and refurbishment resulting in the extension of the Foundation Stage wing, a Sensory room, an Atelier (Art Studio) and Sky Room both with retractable glass roofs completed in 2011.  We are proud of our school building and learning environment.





This booklet is designed to tell you about our Nursery.

At Woolenwick Nursery our aim is to provide a happy, caring, stimulating environment where your child feels secure and can learn at his/her own pace.


We value all our children equally and aim for each child to make maximum progress.


We aim to make the Nursery a warm, friendly, inviting place for parents and carers too, where we work together in partnership - valuing your primary role in knowing, understanding and teaching your child.






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